I believe in God and in heaven but not hell.
I believe in material things.
I don't believe in time travel and i don't believe a nation's flag is on the moon.
What do you believe in?
You must believe in something.

Monday, June 6, 2011

You know what I've done but not what I've been through... Feel free to judge me anyways :)

I used to be afraid of getting judged!
But people are gonna judge anyways.. it's human nature.
'I don't really give a fuck.. and my excuse is that i'm young' - Drake
need i say more?
This is a poem i wrote last february... a couple of days to valentine's day and inspired by real events. I sometimes re-read this and smile.

Is It Just Me??

You’re with her
I’m with him
Is it just me?
Or do we keep staring at each other?

Did I just smile at you?
Did you just wink at me?
Or is it just me again?

I felt a jolt
When we shook
You kissed my hand
My Legs went weak
That was definitely just me!!

I Love your eyes
You love my lips
And all that flirting
It certainly wasn’t just me.

And that Kiss
My God
That Kiss
For sure, that was both of us!!

But I still have him
You still have her
And we have each other
In the Shadows
For Now…..

And Someday…..
Maybe someday…..
Nah... That’s just me again!!

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Fara said...

Please blog more often? Amazing stuff!