I believe in God and in heaven but not hell.
I believe in material things.
I don't believe in time travel and i don't believe a nation's flag is on the moon.
What do you believe in?
You must believe in something.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Too familiar.

I've felt this way before,
so i know where this is going.
I've lived this way before,
It left me sad and lonely.
I told you this,
You edged me on.
A feeling of bliss
that you let soar.
You waited till i was at my highest.
And then threw me down.
Down into the pits of your irrelevant fury.
Sentenced to death by a paranoid jury
of your fears.
Good intensions, Bad decisions.
Awkward moments, Weird Positions.

I hate you.

Maybe so?

    He kissed the balls of her feet, then she felt his tongue go slowly up her naked body, licking her legs,placing tiny kisses on her bum and the arch in her back, leaving behind a little damp trail.. still he went on. She giggled, he couldn't possibly be licking her right now could he? She tried to imagine what she tasted like, probably like the mango body butter she had lathered on her skin earlier today and a little bit of sweat, it had been a hot day. He had worked his way up to the nape of her neck, he paused, then took a deep breath..
'Paco Rabanne?' he asked,
'yeah, how'd you know?'...
'My sister bathes herself in the stuff'. Silence.
      She could hear the tick tock rhythm of a clock somewhere, she wondered what time it was, and whether the others even noticed she was gone.
She shouldn't be here, that much was certain and if the others ever found out...No. They were never going to find out, this was a one time thing, no strings attached, an experiment. What could go wrong? She was only gonna be young once right? right? Deep down, she knew this would change everything.
Fuck morality.

Murphy's Law

Life has a funny way of repeating itself. 
Only it's not so funny when it happens to you. 
Why don't the good times ever come back?
Why the pain and struggle. 
How can i spend all this time and effort only to end up exactly where i started?
Fuck this.